MetaZoo: UFO Blister Pack [1st Edition](PRE-ORDER) - LIMIT 4

MetaZoo: UFO Blister Pack [1st Edition](PRE-ORDER) - LIMIT 4

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This is for one sealed blister pack of MetaZoo: UFO 1st Edition!

This is the Limited 1st Edition printing of the fourth set of the MetaZoo TCG: UFO! Only 50,000 of each product was released in the US!


Each blister pack contains:

  • 1 MetaZoo: UFO Booster Pack (1st Edition)
  • 1 Metallic Coin
  • Holographic Promo Card
  • 1 Release Holographic Promo

Blister promos will be chosen at random. If 4 are purchased we will try our best to include one of each promo, but we cannot guarantee it since they may not be available.

This is a pre-order, release date is set for July 29th, 2022. It is possible these could be delayed based off of when they arrive to us. All other products ordered during this order will be held until they are all available and they will all ship together.